Saturday, 29 November 2014

So, how DOES and MRI scanner work?

For this project we have been given a question, the answer to which we need to present in the form of an ISSUU publication. This project is all about getting us to thoroughly research a subject as we could get given a job on any possible subject you could think of.

So, MRI scanners? Lots of complicated science stuff which needs to be translated into a clear and easily understood language, both in terms of text and visuals.

So after some thorough research into how the scanner works (I won't spoil the end result by explaining it here) Me and Zach started to think about ways that we could present this information. We both decided we wanted to produce something by hand but that it needed to have nice clean lines to reflect the precise, technical nature of the question. 

Before we start making the visuals though I had a play around in Illustrator to find the right colour ways for the booklet.


We decided blue and yellow worked well (although the colours seemed to have changed slightly on upload) as blue is quite a clinical colour and the yellow adds some warmth.

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