Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Observer Island

So for our current project we have been asked to create a title sequence for a given program. This has been made all the more, um, interesting with the fact that the shows are fictional and this has made it harder to pin down a particular style for the titles, this is ours:

    Observer Island
    New series from the creators of Daily Mail Island
    in which a group of violent ex-offenders are         
    stranded on a remote island without access to 
    any media whatsoever other than the observer newspaper.

I have started my research by looking at lots of different title sequences on websites such as Art of the Title

I like that this one is handmade and the use of hands reflects the theme of being creative. The colour palette used is nice and fresh and good colour combinations have been considered to good effect.

The title sequences for the film The Love Punch makes good use of really smooth transitions incorporating the names in these nicely.

I picked this one out as it show just how effective music can be, especially when combined with the timing of the titles appearing. 

With this one I really like the style of illustration and how simply we could potentially animate our sequence.

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