Sunday, 8 March 2015

Experimental Typography

For this project we have to make people fall in love.
Ahem, with a typeface that is.
I picked Garamond and Avant Garde Gothic, two contrasting typefaces with very different ascetics.
To begin with I looked at some experimental typography. Letterforms made in different ways, both digitally and by hand.

This one both caught my eye and gave me a craving for something sweet.

It also just happens to be based on Avant Garde Gothic.

I was also enticed by these beautiful quilled letters by Sabeena Karnik

Which in turn got me to thinking about other methods of hand making type...

Such as these beautiful embroidered pieces by MaricorMaricar Studio

I think I'd like to create one poster via digital means and the other in a much more handmade way to really get the most out of each typeface.

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