Thursday, 11 June 2015


After months of demonstrating amazing self restraint and will power I cracked. I just HAD to buy it. I mean, its a book, thats what student loans are for right? (Besides food and stationery of course.)

And my goodness it is a beautiful book at that. Written with idea of cramming a whole museum into one book, this book museum (bookeum?) is 'curated' by Jenny Broom and Katie Scott. Previously featured on my blog here.

Full from cover to cover with Scott's stunning illustrations this is definitively not just a book for children. It is written in a way that simplifies complicated knowledge without dumbing it down, reinforcing the declaration that the museum is open for visitors of all ages.

My favourite gallery is No. 5 featuring the bird Exhibits and my favourite illustration of the book, the Emperor penguins.

Katie also recently announced a new book in concertina form about evolution called The Story of Life which I am super excited for! Lastly I just want to finish by saying that if you don't smell new books the second they arrive in your hands, well, maybe we should reconsider our friendship. Seriously. 

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