Monday, 29 June 2015

Jack Merriott.

I recently visited the Mercer Art Gallery here in Harrogate. Their current exhibition is called In Graphic Detail and includes drawings and paintings of Harrogate and the surrounding areas amongst others. One of the first you see is a Railway poster by Jack Merriott, I have been in love with this style of illustration for a while now so I though I would have a closer look at one of the artists who created some of them...

Knaresbrough, 1954

Jack Merriott 1901 - 1968
Unfortunately information about the aforementioned artist is hard to come by on the internet but finding images of his work is easy enough. From what I can gather he created many posters for British Rail and also watercolour landscapes.

Harrogate, 1957

Torquay, 1958

Cornwall, 1952

What I think really pulls me in with these is the colour, bright and cheery, designed to make the destinations look attractive and inviting. Most importantly for me is that with these posters (not just those by Merriott) you can see the beauty of this country and very often, the place that you live, through the eyes of an artist who will show it to you in a new light.

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