Monday, 8 June 2015

Sketches. No. 1

I'm now two and a half sketchbooks into my drawing practice and I think its safe to say I have improved since the very first page I drew in a Barcelona cafe over a year and a half ago. My first sketchbook took a year to complete! Don't worry, the pace has definitely picked up! I have finally decided to scan in some pages so I can share with the world my sketching journey.

This first post of pages has a theme of animals. I have well and truly been inspired and captivated by the wildlife and beauty of the green spaces which can be found in and around Carlisle. I often find myself compelled to capture this beauty which inevitably leads to disappointment, its an impossible task. 

So, whilst I work on my landscape skills here are a few sketches of the fauna of Britain (and penguins, always penguins...)

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