Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What Have I been Looking at? No. 4

Oh look at that! I reckon we can definitely say this is a feature now after four posts.
Here's what I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks.

Let's start with books, more specifically some of my recent library loans. In a bid to improve my watercolour skills I borrowed a couple of books on the subject which were The watercolour A to Z of Trees and Foliage and The watercolorists Essential Notebook: Lanscapes. I found them pretty useful and I did pick up some tips but it's safe to say really learning how to get the most out of watercolour is going to take a fair while...

 Next is a book I am currently reading called Where Do Camels Belong? by Ken Thompson. It's a bit different from my normal reading but it's really interesting and have been finding myself going "did you know?..." to whoever's nearest me whilst I'm reading. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in wildlife and the animal kingdom.

Here we have my most recent finds from the Oxfam bookshop in town. The first is a lovely book on using ink and getting the most out of the medium. The example illustrations are beautiful and I'm sure will inspire me to to do more ink work soon.

Here we have my other find in the form of a book all about Monet! I am fascinated in his ability to weave colour through his paintings and hope to learn a thing or two...

Lastly I would once again like to share with you an artist featured on the Miss Moss blog. I instantly fell in love with the paintings of Sarah McRae Morton, especially those featuring bears and birds. They evoke so much emotion and it is clear to see how great painters of the past influence her work now. To read more about her influences and story and see more of her wonderful work head over to her website.

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