Thursday, 22 October 2015

The kindness of strangers

Ok so this one may be a bit of a wordy post but hopefully it'll be worth reading so stick with me ok?

I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around. Do a bad deed and you will get bitten in the ass for it. Do a good deed and the favour will be returned, no matter how small. I was cycling to the studio the other day and learned a lesson in cycling etiquette: Skirts are not for cycling. 

Noticing it had become rather difficult to, well, cycle I stopped to see what was going on. Yes, it was as I feared, my lovely long black skirt got caught between the break pad and the tyre, not ideal. I gave it a tug, no budging occurred. 

Then low and behold an angel and her four legged furry friend came to my rescue and helped to free me. The aid of a friendly stranger helped to cheer up my grey morning.

The point of this tale is that the little things can make a difference. A smile as you pass someone by, holding a door or maybe even passing on a parking ticket with a couple of hours left on it could turn someone's day from crappy to well, less so.

Oh and wear leggings to commute and put the skirt in your bag.

The bridge on which the incident occurred 

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